Cultuurloket provides business and legal advice to the entire cultural sector and all the people involved. This independent institution is being commissioned by the Department of Culture of the Flemish government. Before 2018 the organisation was known as Kunstenloket.

We helped this organisation with their transformation to Cultuurloket and reaching the wider target audience they are serving as of January 1st 2018. Our services included a full rebranding and communication strategy for the relaunch of the organisation. With a limited timeframe available we nevertheless achieved our goal and established a contemporary and relevant brand ready to take on its new mission.

From the start we were very much aware that business, legal matters and culture aren't always a natural match. So we had te create a visual identity that would help bridge this gap. A fine balance between serious and playful would be the solution.

We developed a logomark and visual system referring to the guidance offered by Cultuurloket. The capital C becomes a dynamic logo that can be turned °360 and literally becomes a compass for the cultural sector. Accompanied by a clear grid system, clean and calm typography and a set of bright colours we were able to find the right mix between serious and playful.

In the first half of 2018 we delivered a complete branding kit, summarized in a brand book and developed the first, most urgent communication tools. We are currently still working on future deliverables commissioned by our client such as brochures, event communication and more. A new website is still being planned and developed and will be launched in 2019.