Eastpak Artist Studio

Eastpak Artist Studio brings together some of the world’s most talented and creative minds to lend their interpretation to the iconic Eastpak Padded Pak’r®.

Given the task of customizing a special-edition blank Eastpak backpack, renowned artists from all over the world Artist Studio have come up with some of the most original and inspiring creations imaginable. The proceeds of the subsequent auction are donated to the charity organization, Designers Against Aids.

For the 2016 edition, we designed and produced the full ‘artist package’ holding the blank backpacks that was shipped to the collaborators, and related press materials.

The centerpiece of the communication was a white box featuring a subtly embossed suggestion of the content. Literally suggesting a ‘blank canvas’ without boundaries to creativity, the design clearly conveyed the creative credo: “Do not color between the lines, there aren’t any!”