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Training a brand to become its own

The Pro League strives to be an organization where the local football experience, professionalism, innovation and growth are central. Their ambition is an increasingly stronger Belgian professional football league. A strong and clear proposition. But when it came to a striking visual identity representing these ideals, Pro League wasn’t playing in the big leagues just yet. Historically, brand identity had always taken a step back, being subsidiary to sponsorship and licensing guidelines. In rebranding the organisation, we effectively had to exorcize this subordinate modesty and help the brand become its own without alienating or jeopardizing existing partnerships. As a result, the new Pro League identity is the signature of a confident, newly reinvigorated organization.
After a period of relative anonymity, the brand and the values it stands for are unapologetically brought to the forefront by a powerful, distinctive and stylistically contemporary logo. As the core of the Pro League’s activity revolves around managing and organizing football competitions in Belgium. The logo appropriately ‘organizes’ two distinct graphical elements representing the two most prerequisite aspects of football competition: One ball and two teams. Besides illustrating the intrinsic aspect of competition, the Pro League brandmark elements also embody other characteristics associated with the most beautiful sport in the world (and the televising thereof). Especially in motion, the visual identity evokes focus, dynamism and play.

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In the past the Pro League's identity was overrun by sponsor logos, neglecting their own identity. As of next season the brand colors of the title sponsor will be integrated into the league's visual language. This combination together with the Pro League's Night Sky Blue will define the color palette for each league.

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The ‘Closer To Football’ baseline strongly communicates the aforementioned love for and proximity of local football. The core products of local competition are brought both geographically and emotionally ‘closer’ to the consumer than foreign and/or international leagues. Pro League literally broadcasts local football into fans’ living rooms, and figuratively brings it closer to their hearts. Next to firmly stating what Pro League stands for, the baseline is also a dynamic communication tool. As the individual interpretation of ‘closer’ can be very personal, the line can be adapted and personalized to targeted (local) messages or even campaign slogans. Effectively bringing the communication closer to home.

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