Royal Belgian Football Association
Re-designing an icon

Riding the momentum of internal reorganization and competitive success of the Belgian Red Devils, the Royal Belgian Football Association asked us to design a completely new visual identity for their institution including the sub brands Belgian Red Devils, Belgian Red Flames and the Official Belgian Fan Club 1895.
Belgium has throughout it’s relatively short history been perceived as a bizarre contradiction: A humble, but proud country. Appropriately, the design briefing was in essence typically Belgian in its duality: Do something new without changing the old. The real challenge in transforming the traditional, bilingual ‘KBVB/URBSFA’ to a more contemporary and international ‘RBFA’ lay therefore not only in re-designing an icon, but also in mustering support for innovation within a conservative institute and its fanbase.

Kit design by Adidas.
Product photography by Adidas.
Photography by Photonews.
Motion design by Jan Kuijken.

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We started from a thorough historical analysis of the crest’s signifiers and symbolism. After researching a potential evolution of the old emblem, a more radical revolution was chosen. The creative process was one of de- and reconstructing of heraldic elements, and adding new ones. The outcome: A new logo for the RBFA built around a subtle but clearly recognizable lower case "b". Other than signifying its first letter, this design element further ensures the monochrome or small print versions (without the trademark tricolore fills) have a clear reference to ‘Belgium’.
The central round shape of the emblem was further basis for the design of the sub-brands, thus installing a clear visual lineage within the family. In addition to the logos, an overall visual system with a dynamic three panel grid was developed that provides a recognizable visual canvas for all applications. A strong display typeface allows communication to be bold and self-assured. Victory awaits!

RBFA 3000x20009_one_red_2


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