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Bestemming X X marks the spot

Bestemming X: An adventurous road trip where nothing is what it seems. 10 Flemish travellers make their way across continental Europe in a giant blacked out bus to an unknown destination. X marks the spot. Or rather spot the bus!

To create coherence from promotional campaigns all the way to the first episode, we developed an attention-grabbing, iconic identity that could create buzz and cut through the noise of the saturated Flemish media landscape. A straightforward yet iconic design language forms the basis of all expressions. Ranging from campaign to user interface and motion behaviour to merch, the identity explores the struggle between orientation and disorientation. Identity roll-out done in-house by client.

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Branding Art Direction Motion Design Graphic Design Digital Design

The iconic image mark is a literal translation of the show's set-up: The search for an unknown location. The stylised X is formed by merging a viewfinder with a compass.

As a concept for the teaser campaign, we proposed a series of intriguing and unknown coordinates both in offline and online media. Each coordinate of the longitude and latitude of the final destination was replaced by an X.

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