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De Tijdloze The best timeless music anytime, anywhere

With a wide fan base both online and offline, De Tijdloze has been Flanders' most popular musical countdown list since 1987. In 2018, the list scaled up as a full VRT digital radio channel. Ranging from David Bowie to Amy Winehouse, the greatest classics gathered into one collection, available anytime and anywhere.

Although De Tijdloze was able to flourish together with the popular VRT radio station StuBru over the years, the time had come to develop a distinct voice of its own. Disconnected from StuBru, it could focus even more so on quality music for its quality target audience, that still tunes into linear radio. The focus also broadens to a wider spectrum: television and live events are therefore a logical next step in the development of the brand. In this way, De Tijdloze positions itself more than ever as a curator of wide-ranging musical experiences and all-round provider of good times.

The core brand DNA remains the same: artists and their music. They are the backbone of the offering as well as the revamped branding. The new identity introduces brand elements that allow De Tijdloze to expand beyond the StuBru era. Through a dynamic, artist-centric design, the brand is simultaneously supportive and confident - a balance between De Tijdloze's brand presence and the artists at its core. A well-rounded and dynamic design system, inspired by a library principle, allows De Tijdloze to articulate appropriately in today's audiovisual world. From design system to logo, the principle is the driving force throughout the renewed identity, referring to collecting, curating and selecting only the best of the best. To further support the graphic part, an elaborate motion language was also developed to fully bring the brand to life.

Brand implementation done in-house by VRT.

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