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Janue Shaping the in-between

Established in 2019 by Belgian art historian Céline Van den Bossche, Janue is a fashion brand that questions monolithic ideas of “the Self” and evokes a sensual paradigm shift: fashion as a sensory medium to explore motion and its aesthetic potential.

Janue’s core collection always stands in juxtaposition between extremes like art history versus contemporary design, man versus woman, man versus object, outside world vs inner, sensual perception vs rationality, etc. Several times a year Janue expands its collection with thematical pieces, originated out of a poetic study. A study that not only explores sensory movement from physical movement, but also challenges physical characteristics (height, gender, …). Clothes are made to live in, that’s why Janue has redefined their shop experience: their Brussels based space feels like entering a friend’s house. It’s a space for research, prototyping, events and shopping.

Céline asked us to develop a compact brand kit and website for Janue. Focusing on the in-between, the new Janue logo highlights the tension between the ever-transforming extremes by creating literal spaces in-between the logotype. A bold, uppercase wordmark, combined with rhythmic spacing adds to the concept of duality. A concept that is extended to the split screen design of the online shop. To accompany the continuous thematic expansion of the collection the website’s colour palette can change with each expansion.

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