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Nemeon Advanced data

Nemeon is a data and AI focused business that aims to solve real-world problems for mid-market organizations and enterprises.

Everyone can have data. But no one else has Nemeon’s approach, informed by science and fuelled by industry. Nemeon doesn’t start from the data (which is a given), but from the questions you need answered (which is where the opportunities are found). Their tools and teams are found in the most advanced data science and research available today.

We installed 'Advanced data' and translated it into a meaningful brand expression. We partnered with the Nemeon team to create a visual identity that would speak to business leaders in an emotionally resonant, yet data driven way. Data is the source material, same goes for the Nemeon logo which is the cornerstone of the identity. Conceived from binary ones and zeros the word mark is formed. The same rudimentary building blocks were used to define the visual language consisting of simple geometric shapes.

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