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Raf Simons Radically boundless

Together with the people at Raf Simons and our web partner Studio Hyperdrive, we designed and developed a brand-new online experience, creating a boundless Raf Simons universe.

Raf Simons’ influence on fashion can hardly be underestimated. For decades he radically shaped the global fashion industry. Whether it is with his own brand or when designing for brands like Christian Dior, Calvin Klein and Prada.

For a brand that transcends generations and cultures we wanted the visitor to be continuously inspired and curious for new discoveries. By building a vast plain which holds all kinds of media - imagery, video, audio, text clippings etc, new content is constantly generated. A structure that amplifies the expansive universe of Raf Simons.

We honoured the existing brand attributes, thoroughly refined by Raf Simons in the past 27 years. A stripped-down design system forms the outline in which the brand can express itself. This blank canvas can be informative on a clearly structured collection page or inspiring on the boundless homepage plain. Creating two detached yet connected ways to navigate the universe of Raf Simons.

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