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Sonhouse Sounds like a rebranding

Sonhouse arose from the merger of two important players in Belgian Sound production: Sonicville and Roundhouse. By combining skills in sound production and sonic branding Sonhouse is now offering both sound production and (creative) sound consultancy. Sonhouse is working for film, tv, advertising and branding and has a team of talented young professionals and experienced specialist to make every briefing sound like an award winning soundtrack.

We were asked to capture the similarities and differences in one cohesive brand that would feel right for both companies. The new brand also needed to be ready for international ambitions which by now already took shape in Sonhouse Paris, a first branch in France. We worked closely with our very ambitious and demanding client to deliver the best possible result together. Sonhouse really wanted to kick-off the launch with a big bang and develop a complete set of communication tools for the new brand. From internal brand assets such as sweaters and coffee mugs, to external assets such as advertising, social media and spatial design.

In an effort to make the brand stand out we chose to visualize the field of expertise of our client, sound design and production. We wanted to avoid using clichés such as sound waves or musical notation, and were looking for something more teasing, lesser known. After some experimenting and several designs we came across midi notes to represent the core offering as well as the dynamic and tailor-made approach of the company’s services. This also allowed us to use the same elements in the logo, forming a logomark with the letter ‘S’ constructed with midi notes (blocks). These midi notes can be found in the software or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) every sound producers uses these days. When applied, a grid, also referring the editing environment of a DAW, completes the visual identity system.

This dynamic part of the branding also represents the younger, dynamic side of the merger, while the clean and calm sans-serif typography and the subtle and stylish colour palette represents the experience and solid background. Because coherent branding is all about the details, we also developed a custom set of characters (numbers only) for signage and presentations.

We had the opportunity to work with a great and understanding client who truly empowered us and proved that working closely together on a branding pays off. A solid brand base has been delivered as well as a wide range of deliverables, including a summary in a brand book. Today we are still happily serving our client on designing new deliverables.

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As for most brands today a simple logo is not going to do the job. Knowing you need to apply the brand to a wide range of branding deliverables, requires a strong and dynamic visual system that’s recognizable in a glance. Even without the logo.

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